Atemporal Resonance

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Atemporal Resonance is a peculiar property that violates Luminal Causality by allowing faster-than-light communication through "spooky action at a distance". This apparent violation of the classical understanding of temporal mechanics is possible through the use of manipulations of the Luminiferous Aether, creating voids therein through the use of devices known, appropriately, as Atemporal Resonators.

These resonator sets, which have enormous energy consumption and material cost, allow superluminal communication between each other, at rates possible only for subatomic particles (chiefly, photons) - direct voice communication wirelessly between any two points at no appreciable communication delay up to about 50 AU, with the usual back-of-the-napkin communication delay being considered roughly one hour per lightyear overall.

Owing to the great expense of their construction and obvious utility in information control, most Atemporal Resonators are in the hands of the crown corporation Imperial Stellar Post Service or other governmental services, with only a few private sets in existence, chiefly restricted to the very upper classes; planetary and colonial governors, and the like.