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Welcome to the Encyclopedia Royica

The Encyclopedia Royica is the official repository of all information pertaining to the Star Empire of Galba Roy TTRPG Setting, a Steampunk Space Opera setting suitable for use with most common medieval fantasy TTRPG engines, principally developed for the TarnishedTale Ruleset including fresh races, analog classes, technologies, and a customized magic system.

The Star Empire of Galba Roy is a major force in the Orion Bridge, the region of space occupied by its colonial holdings and its capital system, Deium Sidus. A cosmopolitan empire, it is made up primarily of the industrious Humans of Terra Dea, cunning Venusians from Aphrodite, and eldrich Martians from Ares, though a scattering of other so-called Colonial Races also make up their ranks. Their use of exotic technologies such as the Aetheric Tractor and Phlogiston have made them haughty and powerful, and this is an age of expansion, pushing out amongst the stars to find new and exotic treasures and wealth, in contention with other sentient powers.