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Welcome to the Encyclopedia Royica

The Encyclopedia Royica is the official repository of all information pertaining to the Star Empire of Galba Roy RPG Setting. The Star-Empire is a Vernian Science-Fantasy setting suitable for use with any appropriately-open engines, principally developed for the TarnishedTale Ruleset.

While the Star Empire of Galba Roy is also the name of the principal political entity in the known universe of the setting, the Wider Galaxy contains other polities and nations, with even stranger things to be found beyond the galactic disk in Untrammeled Space. The Star Empire is not homogonous, consisting of the Humans of Terra, the Venusians of Aphrodite, and the Martians of Ares, just to name its principle constituents. The primary focus of the setting and events described therein center around the events of the 24th Century and the Three Pulpits Conflict, which sees political unrest and martial turmoil over a period of transitional history in the Star Empire, largely around three factions - the Royalists seeking to conserve the status quo, the hard-line Republicans seeking a complete overthrow of the empire and its trappings, and a growing, moderate Commonwealth Faction.

The setting includes technologies, history, and physics not familiar to us on earth, especially including: